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DraftKings Daily Fantasy SportsAlthough it is a relatively new site, DraftKings has built a reputation for being one of the best daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites in the world. In just four years, DraftKings has amassed a following of millions and millions of people. It is a legal American site that is based in Boston, Mass. The site first started in 2012 and has since become an industry unto itself. DraftKings offers all kinds of fun contests such as guaranteed tournaments, head-to-heads, and 50/50s. Not only do they have awesome contests, but they also offer valuable money-saving options like Frequent Player Points and bonuses.

Here, you will find out everything you need to know about DraftKings and how to play daily fantasy baseball. We will fill you in on all the details, including how DFS works, what types of contests you can participate in, who can join and how to sign up. We will also talk about some of the legal issues that you might be curious about. Next, we will explain how to make deposits and withdraws. We will end by telling you about some of the great bonuses and extra perks that members can take advantage of.

How Do Daily Fantasy Sports Work?

DraftKings Daily Fantasy SportsDaily fantasy sports contests have become increasingly popular in America and all over the world. DFS is different from old-fashioned sports betting in that it is more skill-based. The object is for the player to pick their ultimate “dream team” for whatever sport they are interested in. Players have a salary cap, meaning they have a certain monetary limit they cannot exceed. They have a certain number of players they must pick for different slots. For MLB baseball, a player would need to fill the positions of pitcher, catcher, shortstop, first baseman, etc. Some players cost more than others do. Rookies are usually less expensive. A player can keep on trading out players right up until the beginning of the game, and they can mix and match players from any team in the league.

Once a player has picked their ultimate team, they just have to sit back and watch how their team fares. There are different types of contests players can take part in, such as guaranteed tournaments, 50/50s, and head to heads. If your team scores more points than your opponent’s team or finishes in the top half of players in the contest, you win prize money. We will get into the various contest types in just a moment. One fun thing about daily fantasy sports is that, unlike old school fantasy sports, you don’t have to wait until the season is over to pick a new team. You can start fresh every game, which means you won’t be stuck with a dog of a team for an entire agonizing season.

Types Of Contests at DraftKings

There are many types of contests you can take part in when you join DraftKings. We will look at a few of the most popular types. The first is the guaranteed tournament, which is a prize pool that anyone can join. There is a certain amount of money that is guaranteed to be paid out no matter what. The cool thing about guaranteed tournaments is that the prize pool stays the same regardless of how many people enter into the contest. The next type of popular contest is called the 50/50 tournament. It is also a prize pool. In this contest, you have a 50 percent chance of winning prize money. In other words, all players who finish in the upper half of the contest will win something. Finally, if you want a more intimate, one-on-one DraftKings experience, try the head-to-head contest. This type of tournament pits one individual player against another. Each player picks their team and whoever has the most points is the victor. It’s as simple as that.

Will I Get In Trouble For Using DraftKings?

No, you will not get in any trouble for using DraftKings as long as you live in a state that allows you to participate in daily fantasy sports. DraftKings does not accept players from New York, Hawaii, Mississippi, Arizona, Louisiana, Iowa, Nevada, Montana, and Washington. Residents of all other states can legally join. There is, however, an ongoing effort by lawmakers to have daily fantasy sports sites banned, and several states are caught up in ongoing or pending legislation.

The reason for this is that some legislators are trying to lump daily fantasy sports in with regular MLB betting sites as if they were the same thing. They are not. While sports betting is considered a game of chance, DFS is largely considered a game of skill. The law considers skill-based games much more favorably than chance-based games. The bottom line is that as long as you do not live in one of the nine aforementioned states, you can legally sign up with DraftKings and not get in any trouble whatsoever.

Who Can Sign Up With DraftKings?

Residents of most states are able to sign up with DraftKings as long as they are at least 18 years old. This goes for the majority of states, although some do set the age a bit higher. For example, in Alabama and Nebraska, the age requirement is 19 years. DraftKings accepts residents from all states with the exception of the aforementioned Louisiana, Arizona, Montana, New York, Mississippi, Iowa, Hawaii, Nevada, and Washington. These states lump DFS in the category of chance-based sports betting, and it is therefore disallowed.

How To Sign Up With DraftKings

It takes almost not time at all to create a DraftKings account. When you visit the DraftKings main page, you will see a green tab that says “Play Now.” Clicking this tab will take you to a pop-up box where you will need to create a username and password, enter your email address, your country and state of residence, and your date of birth. You will also need to read over the terms and conditions and check the box so DraftKings knows you understand the rules and regulations. Once you are done filling out this basic information, click the green tab that says “Sign Up.” Congratulations, you are now ready to play daily fantasy sports at DraftKings!

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Funding and Collecting Real Money at DraftKings

DraftKings Deposit Methods

While you can still play free tournaments at DraftKings without making a deposit, most people are in it to win it. Therefore, you must make a deposit into your DraftKings account. There are several ways to do this. The first is credit or debit card. DraftKings accepts the four most popular credit/debit brands, which are Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can use a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express gift card. These you can purchase at retail stores everywhere. You can also use PayPal to fund your account. This internet payment company is a popular alternative to debit/credit cards. Before you make a deposit, you should be aware that the payment method you use must be registered in your own name.

Making A Withdrawal

In order to withdraw funds from your account, you need to go to your “My Account” page and click “Withdrawal.” Follow the instructions and make your withdrawal request. Once approved by DraftKings, your withdrawal will be credited back to the same method you used to deposit your money. The methods offered for withdrawal are the same methods offered for deposits (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal). Processing times are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Once your request has been processed, it usually takes anywhere from two to eight business days. You can also request a check withdrawal, but this could take up to three weeks.

Bonuses And Other Special Features

DraftKings MLB Daily Fantasy SportsWhen you compete in DraftKings contests and events, you can earn Frequent Player Points (FFPs) that can then be redeemed for cool prizes and merchandise from the DraftKings store. You can also get a deposit bonus, which DraftKings gives you in increments of a dollar at a time, or one dollar for every 100 Frequent Player Points. Another type of bonus you can get is the Refer-A-Friend bonus. This gives you points every time your friends deposit money. That’s not all, though. You can also get DraftKings dollars, which you can use to enter paid-entry contests free of charge. With bonuses like these, we know you will love playing daily fantasy sports at DraftKings. There is no end to the amount of cash you can save by taking advantage of these awesome money-saving opportunities at DrafKings!

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