Bonuses At MLB Betting Sites

Bonuses can be acquired from the vast majority of MLB betting sites, and each of them will offer different upsides and downsides. The most basic type of bonus is a matching bonus, which gives you a certain amount of cash in exchange for a deposit of a certain amount. These bonuses can match anywhere from 50% to 200% of your deposit, but they do come with rollover effects, which we’ll talk about later. Generally speaking, the best time to use a bonus at an MLB betting site is when you are committed to continuing to use that site, or to perform arbitrage with bonuses at another site.


75% up to $750

Get MLB Bonuses At Bovada!

  • Bovada has great MLB bonuses
  • Bonuses for crypto are biggest
  • Still good bonuses for other methods


50% up to $1,000

Get MLB Bonuses At BetOnline!

  • BetOnline has some of the best bonuses in the industry
  • They offer bonuses for crypto and non-crypto deposits
  • Crypto bonuses are best at BetOnline


50% up to $1,00

Get MLB Bonuses At SportsBetting!

  • SportsBetting's bonuses are above industry-standard
  • Crypto is king at SportsBetting
  • Top options for bonuses include BTC and BCH

Best Sportsbooks for MLB Betting

Bonuses up to:
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How Rollover Works

Rollover is how the sportsbook gets their money back on bonuses. Basically, each bonus has a number attached to it called the rollover or playthrough number. You need to play through the total value of the bonus that amount of times before you can withdraw. If you got a $500 bonus with 5x rollover, you need to wager $2,500 before you can withdraw. As long as you go roughly even, you’ll be fine, but it’s tough to do.

Cash Bonuses

Cash bonuses at MLB online sportsbooks are commonplace in the form of deposit bonuses, but they provide bonus money, not true cash. However, for the purposes of this page, we consider it fine to call them cash bonuses, but understand that you will not be able to realize them into cash until you complete the rollover requirements that they have.

Free-Play Bonuses

Free-play bonuses are much less common than matching bonuses at the international MLB betting sites, but much more common at the state-regulated ones. These are generally not referred to as free plays or risk free bets anymore, but they do amount to effectively free wagers, as long as you meet the conditions necessary to acquire them. Users of DraftKings and FanDuel should be very familiar with this kind of bonus.