Bonuses At MLB Betting Sites

Whenever you sign up for a sportsbook account at legal MLB betting sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, and the rest, you’ll have the option of accepting one of the several bonuses available to you. Returning customers can also get new deposit bonuses as well. However, understanding MLB betting site bonuses can be fairly tricky, as they all come with various terms and conditions.

Each legal online sportsbook that offers Major League Baseball betting will have different bonuses available to their customers, and while these can vary considerably site to site, they all share one thing in common: rollover. No matter which betting shop you join, the rollover requirements of a given bonus will usually be the determining factor in whether or not you should accept the offer.

How Rollover Works

The first thing you need to understand about MLB betting sites’ bonuses is how rollover works. No matter which bonus or perk you accept, it will have an attached rollover requirement that you must meet before you can withdraw any money earned off of any deposit where said bonus was made active. In gambling terms, rollover is the total handle you must spend at your sportsbook of choice before you can withdraw any associated winnings.

To better understand rollover, take the following example: Let’s say you sign up a BetOnline, which has a 50% match bonus worth up to $2500, and it features a 10X rollover requirement. To get the maximum bonus, you’ll have to deposit $5000, at which time your account would show a $7500 total.

Now, this part is crucial: To withdraw any winnings made with the cash and bonus from this deposit, you have to play a 10X handle of that $7500 amount. In other words, you have to spend $75,000 dollars betting on Major League Baseball (and other sports) at BetOnline before you can claim any payouts.

If you’re thinking that sounds like a bad deal, you may be right. Of course, you may also be wrong. That’s because whether you accept the bonus or not depends on what you hope to achieve wagering at any of these MLB betting sites. Also remember that since this $75,000 requirement represents your total betting handle (and not just wins or losses), it’s actually smaller than it seems.

For example, if you wager $500 on a bet, that goes towards the rollover, whether you win or lose. If you win, you can bet again with the winnings, and that goes towards your rollover as well. If you hit a series of strong runs, then, you can reach the required $75,000 handle without ever wagering more than your initial deposit.

As a general rule, whether or not you take a bonus at an MLB betting site comes down to one thing: how long you intend to be a betting member of that site. If you just want to make a few wagers and cash out ASAP, then you should never accept any bonuses. Similarly, if you use MLB sports betting as a supplement to your regular income and need your winnings to help pay bills, avoid accepting the bonus (as bonuses effectively “lock” your winnings until you meet the rollover required).

However, if you intend to bet on MLB baseball all season long and place wagers frequently, the bonuses available to you can dramatically increase your opportunities to win. Also, if you’re a high roller looking to bet three or four figures on the matchups you like, you’ll hit your rollover limits in short order and should take the free money.

Cash Bonuses

Cash bonuses are not offered by most legal online sportsbooks and MLB betting sites (BookMaker seems to be the only current exception), but whenever you get a cash bonus, it works exactly like the normal funds you’ve deposited in your account.

To illustrate this, let’s say you get a 100% cash bonus worth up to $500 on a deposit. To take this bonus (which, as you’ll recall, comes with its requisite rollover), you put in $500 of your own money. Now, you have $1000 with which to bet on baseball. You go to your favorite MLB betting site and see a line you like: New York Yankees (-145) vs. Baltimore Orioles (+130). You put $500 on the Yanks to win.

Since this is a cash bonus, it acts just like cash. In other words, you pay the bookie $500 for the bet, NY wins, and the bookie pays you back your initial stake of $500 plus the $344.83 in winnings for a total of $844.83. All that money goes back into your account, and you can use it to make more wagers and fulfill your rollover requirement. Free-play bonuses do not work this way.

Free-Play Bonuses

Free-play bonuses at MLB betting sites are the predominant variety of bonuses available, and they do not function the same as cash bonuses. Whenever you get a free-play bonus, you are essentially dividing your digital sportsbook wallet up into two financial accounts: cash and free plays. Using the above example, you’ve got the exact same bonus, only this time it comes in the more common free-play variety. You deposit $500 and get another $500 in free plays added to your account. Now, you have a total of $1000 in your account, just like before. This time, however, the bonus free plays are separated, and you wager with these first (until they are depleted).

Again, let’s say you see the New York Yankees are -145 favorites over the Baltimore Orioles (+130). Here, you place a $500 wager on the Yankees to win, which draws from your free-play account. Thus, you give the bookie $500, the Yanks win, and you’re up $344.83. However, instead of getting your initial risk back for a total take-home of $844.83, you only get the winnings themselves. This is why free-plays are called free-plays – the initial stake is “free,” so you don’t get it back as part of the payout.

This makes the handle more difficult to meet, but a typical MLB season is so long that you really won’t have trouble achieving the rollover terms if you’re going to bet even somewhat regularly at MLB betting sites. Again, understanding MLB betting site bonuses are a critical component of how you choose to play at your favorite online sportsbook, and you stand to make a lot of extra cash if you appropriately accept or reject these bonuses depending upon your specific play style.

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