MLB Parlay Bets

MLB parlay bets are very popular at the MLB betting sites that serve US players. These are an extremely popular wager type among casual bettors, as they provide a ton of potential reward for very little risked money. However, the downside is that you are very unlikely to win them - there’s a reason that the sportsbooks offer them. This means that picking the right setup for your parlay is very important.


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MLB Parlay Bet Example

Let’s take a look at how a parlay can help you win more money if you are exactly correct, but also increase the risk of you being wrong.

Consider these four games:

  • Atlanta Braves (-135) vs. Milwaukee Brewers (+160)
  • New York Yankees (-155) vs. Seattle Mariners (+185)
  • Washington Nationals (-130) vs. New York Mets (+140)
  • Oakland Athletics (+165) vs. Cleveland Indians (-175)

Let’s say you took the plus money underdogs in all of these games. You’d make 1.6x your wager on the Brewers, 1.85x your wager on the Marines, 1.4x your wager on the Mets and 1.65 your wager on the A’s. So, if you wagered $400, you’d win $650 - not bad! You’ve made 1.625x your initial investment.

However, what if you parlayed all those underdogs together? If you did so, you’d see a result of about $18,000 on a $400 wager. This is a 45x multiplier. Why are these odds so good? Because the sportsbooks think that one of your legs, mathematically, is likely enough to lose that they’ll let you place this wager.

When To Make MLB Parlay Bets

The simple answer for when to make MLB parlay bets is “when you’re sure”. You don’t want to blow your wad on a parlay, hit all but one of the legs, and be left with nothing. A common tactic is to bet along with your parlay, so you’d be placing straight wagers on the legs of your parlay to make sure you get some winnings even if a leg fails.