MLB Run Lines

MLB run lines are a common method of wagering on MLB at MLB betting sites. Run lines are how online betting sites handle the process of offering spreads on the thousands of MLB games that happen each year. Instead of specifically handicapping each one, they offer a spread of -1.5 runs to the favorite, and then each team gets wagers based on that – so handicapping happens on the -1.5/+1.5 spread. Let’s look at an example.

Kansas City Royals vs. Arizona Diamondbacks Example Odds

In this example, the Kansas City Royals are underdogs on the run line, being spotted +1.5 runs. However, they are favored to cover that spread. In this case, a +1.5 spread means that even if they lose by one run, they’ll still cover this run line. This is a common thing to see – often the run line will impact the odds significantly, and the team being spotted runs will often end up favored on the run line, even if they’re not favored on the moneyline.


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When To Make MLB Run Line Bets

MLB run line bets are common wagers, and you can make them when you have a good reason to wager on a run line rather than on a moneyline or an o/u line. Run line wagers can help you get a bit more profit out of betting on a favorite in the event of a blowout, or to minimize your risk betting on an underdog. It’s an important wagering type to know at MLB online betting sites, so make sure you understand how to bet on the Run Line before you get started betting on the 2023 MLB season.