MLB Futures Bets

MLB Futures betting can be done with a variety of different wagers, but the typical MLB futures wagers are those that are placed upon odds to win the World Series, the various pennants, and the various divisions. Online sportsbooks are the best place to place these wagers, and the variety of MLB betting sites is a big boost to anyone’s ability to shop lines for futures wagers.


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Bet On MLB Futures At Bovada!

Bovada is the best website for MLB futures betting, with more than 100 different MLB futures odds available at any given time – there are tons of different ways to bet on the MLB when you bet futures with Bovada. You can place wagers on who will win each division, or even on individual team win totals. In addition, you can bet on who will win the AL and NL, and who will win the World Series, as well as individual awards.


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Bet On MLB Futures At BetOnline!

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Bet On MLB Futures At SportsBetting!

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Best Sportsbooks for MLB Betting

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2023 World Series Futures Odds

2023 MLB AL Pennant Futures Odds

2023 MLB NL Pennant Futures Odds

Other Types Of MLB Futures Bets

Futures is a fairly nebulous term, so the top MLB betting sites put a lot of different wagers under this umbrella. Anything taking place outside of the immediate present – the next week or so – is considered a futures wager, and some would say that anything that isn’t specific to a game, but rather to the season of the sport, is considered a futures wager. Examples include bets on the AL and NL MVP and Cy Young awards, as well as wagers on who will win various season series’.

When To Make MLB Futures Bets

The best time to make MLB futures bets is when the odds are highest, so that usually means earlier. The issue, of course, is the earlier you wager, the more uncertainty there is. Early wagers can help you generate more profit when you’re right, but you do run the risk of being wrong.