MLB Futures Bets

MLB futures bets are a lot like prop bets, but they’re established over a much longer period of time (hence the “futures” name). Perhaps the most common Major League Baseball futures wager available at most MLB betting sites is the World Series futures bet, where baseball fans and bettors can put money on which team will win the upcoming MLB championship.

For the most part, World Series futures are posted year-round, but the odds for each team (i.e. their moneylines) will change based on various factors, like offseason acquisitions, trades, free agency, injuries, Spring Training performances, and more.

Additionally, once the actual season gets underway, MLB World Series futures odds will typically shift over the months to reflect the teams’ standings across the league. League championship futures – wagers on which teams will win the AL and NL Pennants – are also commonly found during both the offseason and regular season. The following MLB futures bet examples should demonstrate how futures wagering works. (Note: The ranks and moneylines here are hypothetical and do not reflect actual MLB futures for the current season.)

MLB Futures Betting

MLB World Series Futures

MLB AL Pennant Futures

MLB NL Pennant Futures

MLB AL MVP Futures

MLB NL MVP Futures

MLB AL Cy Young Futures

MLB NL Cy Young Futures

Other Types Of MLB Futures Bets

As the regular season gets underway, other types of MLB futures bets will populate the odds boards at your favorite sportsbooks. Futures bets you’re likely to see at various MLB betting sites over the course of the season include Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, division winners, wild card winners, Silver Sluggers, Gold Glove winners, and more. If there are any kinds of noteworthy thresholds to be obtained by season’s end, you’ll usually be able to place MLB futures bets on them.

When To Make MLB Futures Bets

While you can place many futures bets practically year-round, there’s no good advice anyone can offer on when to make MLB futures bets, beyond placing them as soon as you see favorable moneylines. Typically, it’s better to place futures wagers earlier in the season than later, because once the season is more than half over, MLB betting sites have a pretty good idea of who’s going to finish where in the standings and win what award.

This makes early futures payouts substantially higher than those same wagers might be later in the year. Other than that, however, you should view futures in much the same way as you view MLB prop betting: as an amusement on top of your normal MLB sports betting routine.

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