Understanding the Moneyline at MLB Sportsbooks

The moneyline is the most important method of wagering at MLB betting sites, and the easiest to understand. Fundamentally, the moneyline is all about picking winners correctly, and the handicapping is done based on the odds you are provided on those winners. If you just want to go to a MLB betting site and pick who is going to win a game, a moneyline is the way to do it. All you need to consider is how much your potential profit is going to be, because big favorites give you less profit, while big underdogs give you more.


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Understanding MLB Moneyline Odds

MLB moneyline odds are presented to Americans in the format of +/-. Odds with a + in front of them are normalized to a $100 wager, so if you see +160, that means you win $160 on a bet of $100, a 1.6 payout ratio. However, if you see -160, that means you need to wager $160 in order to win $100, so keep an eye on the + and - signs, because they’re the key to moneyline betting on MLB games. Let’s look at some examples.

Examples Of The MLB Moneyline

MLB Straight Moneyline

This is the basic moneyline wager that you’d place at an MLB sportsbook. It consists of looking at two teams, and picking the winner. You can see that one team has - odds, meaning they are the favorite, and wagers on them yield less profit because they are so favored.

Atlanta Braves vs. New York Mets Example Odds

The MLB Run Line Moneyline

Run lines also involve moneyline odds, depending on your point of view. Here’s an example of a run line, in which one team is spotted 1.5 runs, and the other must cover the 1.5 run spread in order to cover. Note the -110 odds that both teams have – this means that after the run line, the odds are even. For more on MLB run lines, check out our run line betting page.

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

The MLB Over/Under Moneyline

O/Us also use these type of odds, although they are generally referred to as totals odds, it’s still worth understanding how + and - odds impact O/U betting.

Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels

In this example, the O/U line is set at 8.5, meaning that if you have more than nine runs scored in the game – or nine runs exactly – the over will hit. If eight or less runs are scored, the under will hit.

The MLB Futures Moneyline

In this example, moneylines are given on the specific outcomes of each team winning the World Series. The Los Angeles Dodgers lead the pack with +350 odds, followed by several other teams. Keep in mind that these odds are just an example. You can see that a bigger payout comes from the teams farther down the list – the ones less likely to win the World Series.

MLB Futures Example Moneyline - World Series Odds