MLB Prop Bets

MLB prop bets are one of the single most popular methods of MLB wagering at almost every MLB betting site. Among the popular wagers are wagers on specific outcomes for players, wagers on specific outcomes for teams, and things that run the gamut between those things. Basically, if it doesn’t have a clean place to go, it’s a prop bet - and business is booming.


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MLB Player Prop Bets

Player prop bets are wagers provided by MLB betting sites that feature wagers on players, specifically in the context of in-game outcomes. Examples include total hits, total strikeouts, whether or not a specific player will get a home run, and more!

Examples of MLB Player Prop Bets

  • Ronald Acuna Total Hits O/U 1.5 (-110)
  • Shohei Ohtani Total Strikeouts O/U 8.5 (-110)
  • Will Mike Trout get a hit? Yes/No (-110)

In these options, you can see that O/U odds are set at -110 on either side, so you can place these wagers with odds that are evenly split between the upside and downside. This may or may not always be true. Odds will vary depending on wager and betting site.

MLB Player Prop Examples - Part 2

Which player will hit the game’s first homerun?

This is another style of prop bet, where instead of wagers on O/Us there are wagers on which player will be the first to accomplish a specific feat. In this case, Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are favored to hit the first home runs in the game, and you can see the odds available on them at the book.

MLB Team Prop Bets

Team prop bets on MLB games are available at many MLB sportsbooks. The major MLB betting sites offer these wagers on a variety of games, and in a variety of forms. Let’s look at some examples

MLB Team Prop Examples

Team to score first:

In this matchup, the Los Angeles Dodgers are playing against the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Dodgers have -130 odds to score first, while the Cardinals are -110 – so you can see that the Dodgers are favored.

Team with most hits:

In this example, the New York Yankees have -120 odds to have more hits than the Boston Red Sox, as they are generally regarded – or so the odds say – as the better team.

Will the Angels use more than 3 pitchers?

Finally, we have an example of a pure prop – a wager on something as simple as will this happen, or will it not.

When To Make MLB Prop Bets

Making MLB prop bets happens every single day at MLB betting sites. These betting sites feature tons of different ways to bet on MLB props. The best time to make wagers on MLB betting sites’ variety of props is whenever you want! There are always tons of wagers available at these websites.