MLB Totals Bets

MLB totals bets are options that matter for you if you want to wager at MLB betting sites. These options are important and worth considering if you want to wager on MLB games at MLB online sportsbooks. There are a few major kinds of MLB totals bets, and almost all of them are on team totals. The most important to know is the total O/U for any given game, but team run totals and player stat totals are also important – although stat total bets for players often fall under the category of prop bets.


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MLB Run Total Bets

Here’s an example of a classic MLB run total wager:

Chicago Cubs vs. Houston Astros

In this wager, the Chicago Cubs are playing the Houston Astros. The Over/Under is set at 7.5 runs. If there are eight or more runs scored in the game, this will be an over. If there are seven or less runs scored in the game, this will be an under.

Chicago Cubs Total Runs

In this wager, the same game is being played, but betting happens only on the amount of runs the Cubs score specifically. The Cubs have an O/U line of 3.5. If they score four or more runs, they’ll end up hitting the over. Three or less, and they’ll hit the under.

Houston Astros Total Runs

This is the same wager, but on the other team. In this example, the Houston Astros have an O/U line of 4.5, with -110 odds on both the over and the under. If they score five or more runs, they’ll hit the over, while four or less runs means that this will be an under.

When To Make MLB Totals Bets

The proper time to make MLB totals bets is whenever you have a solid read on the situation, and think you can beat the books. This means you bet on team O/Us when you see trends that indicate either a hard over or a hard under – you want to be sure with these wagers, because they’re not going to have a high profit margin, so you need to be correct more than 56% of the time to maintain profitability given the vig.