MLB Straight Bets

MLB straight bets are wagers placed at MLB betting sites on specific outcomes of the game. There are several types of MLB straight bets, so let’s look at each of them with an example.


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MLB Moneyline Bets

A moneyline wager is a wager on which team will win a given MLB game. In this case the Chicago Cubs are playing the Houston Astros, with the Astros favored.

Chicago Cubs vs. Houston Astros

The Astros have -195 odds which means that you need to bet $195 in order to win $100. The Cubs have +160 odds which means you win $160 on a bet of $100.

MLB Run Line Bets

Run line bets on MLB games are available at most MLB betting sites. These wagers are wagers on a 1.5 handicap in favor of the favored team on the moneyline. This handicap is then handicapped by different odds.

Chicago Cubs vs. Houston Astros

In this case, the Cubs +1.5 have -130 odds. In order to cover this spread, they need to either win the game or lose by one run. The Astros, at -1.5, need to win by 2 runs or more in order to cover this spread.

MLB Totals Bets

Totals bets are wagers on whether or not the two teams in any MLB game will combine for a certain number of runs or not. Let’s take a look at the Cubs and the Astros again!

Chicago Cubs vs. Houston Astros

In this case, the over/under line is 7.5 runs. If the teams combine for eight or more runs, they’ll hit the over. If they combine for fewer than seven runs, they’ll hit the under.

When To Make MLB Straight Bets

Straight bets are not meant for huge profit, thanks to the way they are handicapped. You aren’t going to be making huge profits on small wagers here, but instead looking for slow growth that stacks up over time. If you want huge potential profits with huge potential risk, parlays might be a better option. If you want to win consistently, and try your hand at wagers one every game, straight bets make a ton of sense.