MLB Live Betting

MLB live betting is available at most of the major MLB betting sites, such as Bovada and BetOnline. Live betting on MLB consists of answering propositions correctly – will the next at-bat be a hit or a strikeout or a flyout? Will the next pitch thrown be a curveball or a sinker? These are the things you can wager on with MLB live betting. Of course, you can also simply wager on the next inning lines, or whether or not there will be a home run in the 7th inning - this also falls under the umbrella of MLB live betting.


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Bet On MLB Live At Bovada!

  • Bovada has MLB live betting
  • Can also bet live on moneylines and 5-inning lines
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Bet On MLB Live At BetOnline!

  • BetOnline features live MLB betting
  • Includes special wagers
  • Get great odds and hedge your bets


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Bet On MLB Live At SportsBetting!

  • SportsBetting lets you bet live on MLB
  • Can wager on live lines and special wagers
  • Crypto makes your money go further at SportsBetting

Best Sportsbooks for MLB Betting

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Benefits Of MLB Live Betting

MLB live betting has some upsides and some downsides, and while it is very available at the top MLB betting sites, you should know the pros and cons of MLB Live Betting


  • More ability to bet when you want
  • Find unique wagers and good value
  • Added excitement
  • Hedge and double down on wagers
  • Use live stats to inform your plays


  • Higher degree of uncertainty
  • Time-limited
  • Higher barriers to entry
  • Mental risk - you might get caught up in the wagering
  • Not all games have live betting

What Is Live Betting

Live betting on MLB betting sites is the practice of wagering on a specific game as it is happening. Live wagers can include wagers on specific players, specific outcomes, or live lines that move as the game moves. An example of a live wager would be whether or not the next at-bat results in a hit.