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By all accounts, the 2017 MLB season is set to start on April 3rd with the New York Mets taking on the Kansas City Royals in a re-match at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Now is the time to sign up at one or more of the best MLB betting sites to get in on the futures, props, game lines, and more. Many sites already have odds up for which team will win the 2017 World Series, the AL and NL pennant race, MLB season props, and more. As the games get underway, more and more odds will become available at MLB betting sites, including live in-game wagering which will allow fans to play the odds in real-time during a match. It doesn’t get any more fun that betting on the 2017 MLB lines online or on your mobile device by using one of these amazing wagering sites.

On this page, we will explore your best options for wagering on the MLB. We will review some of the top online sportsbooks that offer the most up-to-date MLB odds, as well as great features that make the wagering process simple and fun. Scroll through the information here to get the lowdown on how to sign up at an MLB betting site, make deposits and withdrawals, take advantage of bonuses, and use awesome features like mobile and live betting. This page is designed to be your number one resource for the 2017 MLB betting odds, so make sure to bookmark us if you plan on wagering this season.

Best + Most Trusted MLB Betting Sites

When searching for an online sportsbooks with great MLB betting odds, there are many things to keep in mind. You want a site that is reputable, has a lot of satisfied members, and has safe and fast deposit and payout methods. All of the sites that we are about to tell you about accomplish all of this with aplomb, and are considered by most sports fans to be the best wagering sites in the world.

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Bovada MLB Betting Site

Most MLB Wager Lines + Bet Types - Bet Now

Bovada is a historic sports betting site dating back over two decades. This doesn’t mean that the site is old and out of touch, it means that Bovada has had the time to perfect its sportsbook. This site has a reputation for being the best, and therefore gets lines from the world’s best oddsmakers. The MLB betting odds are always up-to-date and accurate, and the 2017 lines are up right now to bet on. Odds on everything from spring training to the World Series will be available at Bovada, including all the props and futures you could ever hope for.

Winning the 2017 World Series is the goal of every team this season, and the goal of every member at Bovada is correctly wagering on who will win it. With the accurate betting lines from the best oddsmakers in the business, Bovada gives you a better chance of achieving this than many other sites. Sign up today to get access to the most MLB wager lines and bet types for 2017.

BetOnline MLB Betting Site

Live Wagering On Most MLB Games - Bet Now

People that choose BetOnline are happy bettors. They know that they are getting the fastest MLB betting lines out there, as well as industry-insider news about all the teams competing to win the World Series. It is always a good idea to join a sportsbook at the start of the season, because you can find the most profitable future odds and other props. Right now, BetOnline has all the odds that are fit to print for the 2017 MLB season.

BetOnline has a feature that brings the excitement of betting on the MLB up a few notches. It is called live wagering, and it is phenomenal. This free features allows you to access a live sportsbook for most MLB games throughout the season, meaning you can wager on the real-time odds of a game as they constantly update in front of your eyes. This is by far the most exciting way to wager that we have ever seen, and if you love the MLB, you will tons of fun at BetOnline.

SportsBetting MLB Betting Site

MLB Betting Site Popular with High Rollers! is a professional sports wagering site that serves players from all 50 states in the nation. You can sign up for free and have access to the most current MLB odds for 2017 right now. These include game lines, futures, props, and wager types such as parlays, round robins, teasers, pleasers, and so much more. This is really a baseball fan’s paradise, and it doesn’t cost a thing to join. The site also has some of the best customer service in the industry, and will be available to answer any questions 24/7. will have lines on all 162 regular season games, as well as insider news on who is doing what and when. If you are serious about wagering on the MLB in 2017, this is the place to be. There is nothing better than finding a site that exceeds your expectations, and everyone that joins is happily surprised at the varied and accurate lines and odds that they offer.

5Dimes MLB Betting Site

All 162 Regular Season Games! - Bet Now

5Dimes does things a little different than many other online sportsbooks. They lay out their odds in a way that is extremely user-friendly, and you can tell that the developers are huge sports nuts. Once you sign up, you will not have to wade through any ads or menus, you will be taken directly to the most current odds for whatever sport you are wanting to wager on. The MLB lines will be available for every game throughout the season, and betting on them is a breeze with over twelve different deposit and payout methods.

5Dimes offers some excellent bonuses for members that many other sites do not. One of these is called reduced juice, and it will reduce the amount of vigorish that players usually have to pay each time they bet. The industry standard is about 10% of any bet, and 5Dimes cuts that down to 5%. That is a heck of a deal, and will save MLB fans a ton of money in 2017. If you are serious about wagering smartly this season, sign up at 5Dimes today.

2017 World Series Futures Odds

All of the sportsbooks that we review should have the 2017 World Series futures odds up right now. From the Chicago Cubs to the Colorado Rockies, you will be able to find futures on every team. Right now, it’s looking like the Cubs are ahead at most sportsbooks at around +400 to win the World Series in 2017. That means that a $1 bet would return $4 if they do win. Behind them, the San Francisco Giants are around +800, and the New York Mets are in third at +1100 or so. These odds are very fruitful right now, which is the beauty of betting on the futures. If you wager correctly, you can stand to win a lot more than if you bet on the team come game day.

2017 MLB Season Props

Props are always great to bet on any time during MLB season, and right now most sportsbooks have some profitable and fun lines up. Right now you can wager on the over/under for every team’s season wins, as well as the American and National League division standings and Pennant wins. As the game start getting underway, you will start to see individual player props, score props, wacky props, and more. The bigger the game, the more props lines will be available.

FAQs About Betting Major League Baseball Online

Is It Legal To Bet MLB Games Online?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to bet on MLB games online. The reason is because these MLB betting sites operate overseas, so they are not subject to any of the US federal laws that restrict sports wagering over here. That, combined with the fact that there are no laws that stop individuals from betting at legal establishments, means that anyone of age can join one of these MLB sports betting sites and wager real money legally. If you would like further information on the legality of betting on the MLB, head over to our is MLB betting legal page.

How Do I Sign Up At MLB Betting Sites?

Most MLB betting sites make the sign up process as simple and pain free as possible. Generally, you will just click on a “join now” button somewhere on the front page, and fill in some contact information. You will most likely be prompted to create a password, and sometimes a username. Once you have completed the steps, the site swill send a confirmation to your email address. Once you click on that, you should be all set. You may have to manually sign in the first time, but you can select for the site to remember you from then on.

How Do I Make Deposits At MLB Betting Sites?

If you have visited or joined multiple MLB betting sites or fantasy betting sites, you have probably realized that many of them are similar when it comes to deposit methods. Most sites have a cashier’s page where you can manage all of your funds. When you click on it, you will see a list of deposit methods. The usual ones are credit/debit cards, cash wire transfers, and Bitcoin transfers. Many sites also include options like gift/prepaid cards, bank wires, and money orders as well. To make a deposit, click on the method you want to use (most people choose credit/debit or cash wires because they are very fast, and come with little-to-no fees). The faster methods are best for those that want to get in on the 2017 MLB action fast, never missing out on betting on a game.

How Do I Make A Withdrawal At MLB Betting Sites?

Withdrawing funds is one of the most important aspects of betting online, and these sportsbooks have some excellent options. To make a withdrawal, head to the cashier’s page just like you did for deposits. Click on payouts and you should see a list of methods. The most popular are cash wires via Western Union or MoneyGram, and checks through the mail. You will not find credit/debit withdrawals at these sites because there are certain laws that prevent them, which you can check out at our MLB betting laws page. Once you pick your method, just complete the necessary steps, and the site will send you your money post-haste.

What Kinds Of Bonuses Will I Find At MLB Betting sites?

If you check out any of the betting sites with MLB betting odds, you will no doubt notice a promotions section. This is where you can check on all of the great bonuses that are available. Many of these sites will reward you for simply signing up by adding extra funds to your account the first time you deposit. This is called a “welcome” or “first deposit” bonus, and all you need to do is deposit above a certain amount and you will get free cash to wager one the MLB with. Most sites also offer reload bonuses that reward you for every time you make a deposit for your entire MLB betting career with the site.

Adding to the above bonuses, most sites will offer plenty of other perks as well. If the sportsbook has nifty features like MLB live betting and mobile wagering, they will usually refund you a certain amount of money if your first bet fails when using one of the features. Also, some sites will offer to reduce the juice on every bet that you make, saving you money every time you wager on a game. Check out the promotions or rewards page at the sportsbook you are using to see what all they have to offer.

What Kinds Of Features Will I Finds At MLB Betting Sites?

These MLB betting sites are always coming up with new and interesting features to make betting easier and more fun. Two staples of any great sports betting site are live wagering and mobile betting. Live wagering lets you bet on a live MLB game while it is happening. The odds update in real-time right in front of your eyes, so you can wager on individual plays and take advantage of any big shifts in the game stats. It is the most exciting way to wager for sure.

Mobile betting allows you to take the entire sportsbook with you wherever you go. This feature is completely free and rarely comes with any kind of download. You simply need a phone or mobile device with an internet connection, and you can log in to your account from it. These MLB betting sites have designed their sportsbooks to adapt perfectly to any semi-recent OS. You can even bet on a game while you are sitting in the stands watching it!

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